Website Design

Marketeria website design:

  • First, we will ask a series of marketing research questions designed to educate us about your business. We need to learn the qualities that set you apart from the competition. A website design without informed market research will not be compelling, and will certainly miss opportunities.
  • Armed with a plan, we will then collaborate with you to produce the overall theme, logo, color palette, headers, sliders, videos, and digital images. Finally, we will start the actual website design.
  • SEO friendly website design is smart website design. Marketeria uses best practices to ensure that your site is intended to lure the most traffic as possible. We answer all your SEO questions in plain English, not digital marketing gibberish!
  • We will also suggest methods for your company to increase website traffic after it goes live.



Marketeria website design SEO checkup:

  • Our first step is to get a baseline on how well your website is doing. We will look under the hood at the underlying HTML and CSS to determine if the original designers used an SEO friendly website design. Is your site serving the functions that it was originally designed to do? Are there better or more SEO friendly methods? Does the site have broken links and broken features that hurt its performance? Were SEO best practices used in its original design?
  • We will then discuss our findings with you, so you know the specific changes that we propose along with a plan to quickly implement them.
  • Our efforts will not affect your site. Your website will remain live and serve its regular digital marketing functions. There is no downtime.
  • We provide progress reports when your site is re-launched with our SEO improvements. Also, we will suggest actionable ideas to drive future traffic to your website.

Our Website Creation Process

Block 1


01. Contact Marketeria

Contact us with your ideas for your business and goals for your website. We then see where you stand and what we need to do to get you where you want to be.


Block 2


02. Generate the Idea

Once we are on the same page, we start to finalize what needs to be done and we plan what marketing “bits” (images, logo, themes) we will need. 

Block 3


03. Gather the Parts

We will gather, create, design and modify all of the necessary images and text to tell your company’s story in your website.


Block 4

 Build the Site

This is our favorite part! We now assemble all of the pages and add extra features so you can reach the goals we set earlier. Lots of testing follows and then it goes live!