SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO: The king of digital marketing gibberish.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the most important concept in designing a website and also usually the most misunderstood. There are dozens of search engines- companies who have programs that crawl the internet and create a HUGE database of all the pages and what information they contain. Every internet search accesses these databases. The more “SEO optimized” your site is, the more popular it is in the database. Therefore, greater popularity means more traffic (visitors) to your website. We will not bore you with the “behind-the-scenes” SEO tasks. We use all the best practices to ensure that your site is designed to entice the most traffic as possible. Most importantly, we answer all questions in plain English, not digital gibberish!



What to expect when Marketeria does an SEO checkup on your website.

  • First, we will determine a baseline on how well your website is doing. We always look under the hood at the underlying HTML and CSS to determine if the original designers used an SEO friendly website design. Is your site serving the functions that it was originally designed to do? Are there better or more SEO friendly methods? Does the site have broken links and broken features that consequently hurt its performance? Were best practices used in its original design? What new functions can be added to expand the site and opportunities?
  • We will then discuss our findings with you, so you know the specific changes we propose along with a plan to quickly implement them.
  • Our efforts will not affect your site. Your website will remain live and serve its regular digital marketing functions. Therefore, downtime is not an issue.
  • We provide progress reports when your site is re-launched with our improvements. Finally, we will suggest actionable ideas to drive future traffic to your website.