Ken Wilson

Ken Wilson

Founder & Lead Marketer / Programmer / Creative / Graphic design / Database specialist

Ken founded Marketeria over twenty years ago after an admittedly bad decision to earn money by breaking up and hauling away a large concrete driveway. Turns out he made a far better Marketing Entrepeneur than a demolition team. While website design is one of our specialties, it has taken us 20 years to create our own page (true story). Why? Not enough hours in the day to keep up with the projects coming in through word of mouth. Be sure to ask us how Marketeria was named.

Eric Mortimer

Eric Mortimer

Lead Web Designer / Creative / Graphic design / Communications

Eric spent several decades in charge of all marketing for one of the world's largest non-profit automotive groups. He claims that his marketing success is based on the fact that he was simultaneously creating marketing materials aimed at the CEO of the McDonald's corporation AND the local McDonald's restaurant manager (true story). He can talk all day long about cars- beware! Another skill that he learned is the ability to make "something out of nothing" while designing marketing materials for small business owners. He says that he can create an effective website out of nothing more than a business card and I've seen him do it.

Our Website Creation Process

Block 1


01. Contact Marketeria

Contact us with your ideas for your business and goals for your website. We then evaluate where you stand and what we need to do to get you where you want to be.

Block 2


02. Generate the Ideas

Once we are on the same page, we start to finalize what needs to be done and we plan what marketing “bits” (images, logo, themes) we will need. 

Block 3


03. Gather the Parts

We will gather, create, design and modify all of the necessary images and text to tell your company’s story in your website.


Block 4

 Build the Site

This is our favorite part! We now assemble all of the pages and add extra features so you can reach the goals we set earlier. Lots of testing follows and then it goes live!

Your new website is days away!

What to expect:

  • There will be many questions as you educate us on your goals and business.
  • We’ll give you an honest opinion of what we can do for you and what site features make the most sense for your goals.
  • If you like what you hear, we will start collecting even more information from you: logos, digital images, etc. and get to work on creating your site.
  • We will not bore you with the “behind-the-scenes” Search Engine Optimization tasks that we handle. We use all the best practices to ensure that your website is designed to entice the most traffic as possible. If you have questions (which we hope that you do) all of our answers are in plain English.
  • Once your site is “live”, we will leave you with tips and ideas about what you can do to drive as many people as possible to your website.
  • A little secret- we are just as excited as our friends/clients when a new website “goes live”. Thanks for listening and we hope to hear from you soon!